HIPHOP WORKSHOP | "DANCEproject!", "DANCEaustria!" and Urban Artists, Linz

HipHop, Party- and Social Dance Workshop for DANCEproject! DANCEaustria! and Urban Artists in Linz, Austria 2018


„DANCEproject!“ provides professional dance education for everyone. Based in Austria the school offers different Styles such as HipHop, Breaking, Locking, Waacking and Popping.
You can find DANCEproject in Linz, Gmunden, Wels, Marchtrenk and Vorchdorf (Austria).


"DANCEaustria!" and "Urban Artists" organize Events, Battles, Workshops and Classes internationally, connecting dance schools all over Austria and providing a platform for dancers all over the world. Covering Classical Ballett, Urban Dance Styles, Musicals & Festivals.


30 January 2019


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