On October 11th 2020 for TSG e.V. ROTH, GERMANY

"Break my Heart again" by FINNEAS

„Holding on can hurt more than letting go. Still we try, we pray, we hope while being scared of losing what means the most to us. Distance can be both- hurting and healing. What hurts one, might be necessary for the other to heal.
Trying to be understanding is hard work. Always understanding while not being understood gets frustrating and tiring. We try- we get pushed away. We try- we get rejected. We try- we get ignored. While still pushing and focusing on the positive, being nice, being loving, yet it seems we are never enough to receive. Therefore we question our own value.
Don’t let others define your worth.
We are only human and at some point we need to break that endless loop of trying & getting pushed away.

You can love someone and still have to let them go. Sometimes people aren’t able, willing or capable of showing up for us in the way we wish they would.
Releasing them isn’t a declaration that we no longer love or care for them. It means we love ourselves enough to let go even when it hurts, because we stand for healthy, honest relationships that inspire connection, intimacy and growth.
No one can tell you what is right for you and what isn’t. No one can tell you when a relationship is meant to end, or when you are being asked to stay in the game.

But one thing is for certain - you are not required to give yourself away or pour yourself out in order to receive love.
If Your worth and genuine love is not seen at some point - it is not on You anymore.
You are enough and You can only be the best version of yourself.

When we experience conditional love - as most of us did - we might form the belief that love hurts & it’s a chase.
We might be conditioned to expect let down, or have low standards for how people show up for us in our lives.
Still we need to be careful; overprotecting our heart excessively will cut us off from experiences that are meant for us.
First and foremost it is key to be in the right relationship with ourselves. Healing our hearts and our inner world. Trusting in our innate worth and lovability.
Your self-expression is beautiful & Your feelings are valid. -E“


13 October 2020


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